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1. Emphasize What Is Unique About Your Event

Find what is unique about your event and promote it. There are thousands of races each year. What is different about yours? Why do people come? Answer those questions and emphasize the answers in your promotions materials!

2. Take Advantage Of Free Calendar Listings

There are numerous opportunities for free exposure. Consider publications, websites, local running clubs and newspapers. Here are some suggestions.

3. Utilize Multiple Mediums

You can no longer rely on just applications to promote your race. Consider postcards and posters to help you stand out. Print and web advertising are effective ways to get additional exposure.

4. Consider Your Audience

Look for ways to reach YOUR specific audience. A local, family event has a different audience than a mountain run. Understand your audience and make sure your promotion is tailored to reach them.

We have the tools to make your race promotions effective and easy.

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