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At this time it is thought that most xeno-estrogens do not bind with these blood proteins. DES (the first synthetic estrogen that caused serious birth and reproductive deformities as well as reproductive cancers in the daughters of mothers prescribed this hormone during pregnancy from 1940-1970) for example, does not bind at all to the sex hormone binding proteins in the blood. Xeno-estrogens, therefore, circulate freely and have access to places where natural estrogens cannot tread. Even if these chemicals are much weaker than natural estrogens outside the body, their potency increases inside the body because of their unrestricted travel capabilities.

Environmental estrogens can travel across the placenta and enter the growing fetus. These estrogens can store in the placenta, which has a large fat content, and slowly releases toxins to the developing fetus. So, although these substances might not be nearly as potent as natural hormones when they are tested outside the body, xeno-estrogens are relatively; more potent within the body than testing would suggest, even parts per trillion can have an influence.



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